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Snakes At War

A satire site about a tyrannical snake overlord who runs the "Only Snake Paramilitary Organisation In The World".







Speed Improvement




Site Description:

A satire site about a tyrannical snake overlord who runs the “Only Snake Paramilitary Organisation In The World”.

Techniques Used:

  • Enabled HTTP compression
    Enabled HTTP compression on all applicable assets including HTML source code, javascript & CSS files to reduce the bandwidth used to download the resources
  • Image optimisation & compression
    We optimised all the images on the website and compressed them to obtain the lowest file sizes for each image without any appreciable loss of visual quality.
  • JS/CSS minification
    We reduced the size of the javascript & CSS files by removing the unnesscary white space to create compact and optimised files.
  • Configure Caching Headers
    We enabled and configured caching headers on static resources with an appropriate future date to ensure that the static resources are cached from visit to visit to increase page render times on subsequent visits.
  • HTML source optimisation
    We re-ordered the HTML source code and made modifications to the nessecary CSS changes so that critical elements are loaded and displayed first. We also moved the scripts down to the bottom of the body tag to ensure that scripts do not block the page render.
  • Bespoke CMS Cache
    We wrote a bespoke CMS based cache to increase page render times by not having to dynamically generate infrequently changing content on each page visit.
  • Server Tweaks
    We performed several server tweaks such as reducing the installed PHP modules to just that which are needed for the website and removed unnessecary services running on the server.
The site was really sped up after engaging with the Website Speed Experts

Stephen Bailey - December 2013

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