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Our Process

As you can see below, our process is straight forward, to the point and the key stages are highlighted below.

1. You place your order

You can place your order here. Simply choose the package that suits your needs and your budget and then fill out the form on the second page, pay and your done.

2. We will acknowledge your order via email

We will send out an email confirming you order. In the email, you’ll be asked to supply the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) details for your website. If you have any problems, just contact us – we are happy to help you with any questions about how to find the FTP details for your web host.

3. We backup your website

Once we have the FTP details, we will connect to your website and make a backup copy for your peace of mind. Should anything go wrong with your order, we will have a backup ready to restore.

4. We begin work on your website

We take a brief snap shot of your website to find the baseline performance for your website. Our developers will then begin to apply the techniques to your website. This will usually take 1 to 2 working days (although the Gold package may take longer as the techniques used are more advanced!)

5. We will confirm your order is complete

Once we have finished work on your website, we will confirm with you via email that your website is now faster than it was before and by how much of margin (we will send you a full report of what we did and what impact the techniques had on your website).

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