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Javascript Minification Tool

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Paste your Javascript code into the field below

Be sure to test your website’s functionality afterwards thoroughly – we cannot be held responsible if by compressing the file that it breaks your scripts, although every care has been taken to make sure it wont!

Is your sites Javascript files over size and need compressing down to size?

We can help you there with this free tool.

Simply copy and paste your Javascript into the box provided to the right and hit the ‘Minify Javascript’ button on the right. Then just copy the compressed information into your Javascript file, save it and then re-upload it to your server.

If your in a hurry, we can compress up to five files at once by hitting the “By File Upload” tab and then selecting the files you want to upload. When it’s finished, it will give you a download link to a zipped archive of all your files!

If you need to compress your CSS files, we have a tool for that too!

A Few Stats About This Tool

Times Used: 18

Total Before Compression: 14.96Kb

Total After Compression: 12.73Kb

Average Size (Before): 0.83Kb

Average Size (After): 0.71Kb

Average Saving: 0.12Kb

Average Saving (%age): 14.89%

Files Uploaded: 0